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‘Ello pplz! This is the page where u can ask all sorts of questions ’bout ur blog or if u need help w/ wordpress. Here I will put some tutorials 2 help u 🙂 I hope u find this helpful and plzzzzzzzzzz comment and rate THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333 ♥♥♥♥

~Smiley♥ chillz 😎

P.S. Bliss helped me with these tutorials sooo THNX BLISS!!!!!!! ❤

P.S.S. I will put up more tutorials every week soo chek everyday! 🙂


How 2 make a new page:

1. Log onto ur wordpress account.

2. Go 2 ur dashboard.

3. On the left, u will c a column. Look for this:




4. Click Add new. Finish ur page, update it, and ur done!

How 2 make a new post:

1. Follow steps 1-2 from the tutorial before this one.

2. On the left, u will c a column. Look for this:





3. Click Add new. Finish ur new post, update it, and ur done!

How 2 change ur theme (type of blog style) :

1. Log onto ur wordpress acount.

2. Go 2 dashboard.

3. On the left, u will c a column. Look for this:







5. Click Themes. Select what theme u want and click Activate. Be sure u want tht theme tho, pick ur theme carefully. Now giv urself a pat cuz u r now finished!!!!! 😀

How 2 change ur header (the pic at the top of the blog) :

1. Follow steps 1-3 from the previous tutorial.

2. Click Header. Click Browse and select the pic u want ur header 2 be. Scroll down the page and click Save files. The vizit ur site 2 c how it looks! 🙂

How 2 add extra things 2 ur sideline on ur blog:

1. Follow steps 1-3 from “How 2 change ur theme” tutorial.

4. Click Widgets. Drag which widgets u want and if u want more help then contact Sakura at: http://fantageland93.wordpress.com/

How 2 find ur unapproved comments:

1. Log onto ur wordpress account.

2. Go 2 dashboard.

3. On the left, u will c a column. Look for this:





4. Click on Comments. At the top u will c the words all, pending, approved, spam, and trash:




5. Click on either Pending or Spam. Unspam the comments in the Spam file and approve the comments in Pending. DONE!!!!

How 2 take a screenshot:

1. Go 2 the site where u want 2 take the pic.

2. Press Ctrl and Print Scrn (together) on ur cpu:






3. Go 2 paint:





4. Click Edit and then click Paste:







5. U will now c ur pic. To take something out of the pic, crop it by clicking the rectangular box and shaping the cut out pic :




6. Copy the pic and click File. Click New and paste the cropped pic.

7. Click Attributes and type, 500 in the first, and 500 in the second. Exit out of the box.

8. Make the white paper smaller by using the arrows. Make it small until it iz the same size as the cropped pic. UR DONE!!!!

How 2 post a vid:

1. Make a new post/page.

2. Go 2 ur toolbar and click the 2nd icon:



3. Paste the youtube vid link (or other vid link) on From URL and click Insert into post. FINISHED!!!

How 2 post a pic:

1. Make a new post/page.

2. Go 2 ur toolbar from the past tutorial and click the 1st icon.

3. Click Select Files and select the file tht has ur pic.

4. Scroll down until u c a button tht says, “Insert into Post” then click it. Congrats on another job well done!

How 2 change the colour of the text:

1. Make a new post/page.

2. Go 2 ur toolbar and click this. If you don’t c tht button, then clik this button also:




3. Select the type of colour u want ur text 2 be, clik tht colour and thts the colour of ur text! but u may hav 2 clik the colours a few more times… >.<

4. If u want a different colour then the 1s already given, then clik more colours and select the new colour u would like. Clik Apply and ur done!!!! ;D

How 2 make a chat box:

1. Go 2 xat.com

2. Click Make a chat box:


3. Select a pic or click “Click for more or use your own.” Put in a google pic link and click Get images.

4. Click ur pic and select small, medium, or large. (lol alot of clicking XD)

5. Click Update and Get code and select where u would like 2 post it. If u want a chat box on ur blog, click WordPress and Blogger.

6. Fill in the info boxes and click Post. Go back 2 ur blog, and u should hav a no title post.

7. Edit the no title post, and cut the text (for the chat box) delete the no title post (if u want 2 by cliking move 2 trash), and paste the text onto ur chat pg or wtv u want 2 paste it.

8. YAAYZ!!!! 😉


10 Responses to WordPress Help

  1. Yeah i’ll help just test me 😉

  2. how do u change the blog avatar???

  3. Hm very easy just email me that question here or look at my site email : fantagetown@yahoo.com
    http://fantageland93.wordpress.com/wordpress-lessons/ Cause ik we got big ears round town and i dont give tips to just anybody 😉

  4. UWAAA how do you make a dropdown menu? (like the ones with different genereators and finished orders?)

  5. hello7563 says:

    where the icon for the pictures? i dont see it

    They are there on top of your post where it says Upload/Insert. There’s a picture of a camera. Click that, hope this helps!

  6. posterrox says:

    How do you make a sub-page?

    • IMaidensWing says:

      Hello Posterrox, I am one of the administrators at this site and I am here to assist you. To make a sub page you must make a new page that corresponds to the one your’re adding it to. Once you add all of your information on that new page (title,text,etc) you’ll be ready to roll. Under Page Attributes your should find the word “Parent” in bold letters. Click “no parent” and select the page you want. Once you are done selecting the corresponding page click Update. Certain themes do not support sub pages. Themes like Twenty Ten and twenty Eleven do support sub pages. I hope this helps 🙂

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