More [Not in use currently]

‘Ello pplz! Here r more clubs lol just jk!!!! 😀 Here iz wat this page is for:

1. Comment if u want ur pic 2 b on a cereal box.

2. Comment wat message u want on a score board with ur pic.

3. Comment wat u want ur keyboard button 2 say (u can make 1 up for urself so its original!)

4. Comment wat ur book would like 2 b called (thts right, UR BOOK!!!!)

5. Comment wat u would like ur dog tag 2 say (backgrounds colour: jungle, desert, snow, pink, purple, and blue)

6. Comment if u want 2 hav ur name written on a rocket (Limit: 17 words)

~Smiley♥ chill out 😎

P.S. I HOPE U LIKE/LUV THIS NEW PAGE!!! 😀 I rlly enjoy making u smile and commenting. THNX!!!! :mrgreen:



8 Responses to More [Not in use currently]

  1. sakura93 aka fantageland93 says:


  2. Yesh i like boxes (goo)

  3. Sif says:

    Okay I want one of your everything..lolz

    My name on Cereal box..!!haha

  4. Nikki7895 says:

    I want one of everything too the name is Nikki’os xD and its pink and it has a cute lab puppy
    Peace out :mrgreen:

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