Mixpod ♫

Hey pplz! Here u can request a song so tht I can put it on Mixpod. But before u can do tht u must read these RULES!!!!


1.CANNOT have SWEAR words

2.PLZ, NO rap music (ONLY moment 4 life)

3.MUST NOT be a song thts already requested

4.Preferred to be in ENGLISH


So I hope tht u read the rules very CLEARLY 😀

~Smiley♥ Chill out 😎


9 Responses to Mixpod ♫

  1. roo678 says:

    can u put who says by selena gomez on it when the song comes out

  2. smileyface46 says:

    sure! and u get another prize! xD

  3. 1985 by bowling for soup[clean]
    Punk rock 101 by BFS (bowling for soup.)
    Any song by queen

  4. iluvcookies says:

    selena gomez a year without rain, (album) selena gomez kiss and tell (album) david crowder band and owl city ( ocean eyes)! thx do i get a prize?????? lol

  5. Erika says:

    can u put deer in the headlights by owl city, knifes and pens by black veil brides, and tears don’t fall by bullet for my valentine?
    ~erika 🙂

  6. Sweetie016 says:

    umm add some taylor swift songs please. she’s my most fav singer evr!! 🙂

  7. mynamemyway says:

    Smiley it me torhu its been a long time

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