Jokes :D

They say laughter is good medicine……


1. Q. What kind of ties do pigs wear to school? A. Pig stys! 😆

2. Q. What do you call an ant who HATES school? A. a tru-ant.

3. Q. What did the rabbit say to the librarian? A. “Can I burrow this book?”

4. Swimming instructor: “Why are you swimming on your back? Student: You told us never 2 swim on a full stomach.”

5. Q. What do you say if someone tells a lie in South America? A. “I don’t Bolivia.”

6. Q. What do you find in the middle of Japan? A. The letter “p.”

7. Q. Why is it hard 2 learn chinese cooking? A. You get so much home-wok.

8. Q. Why is Europe like a frying pan? A. Because it has Greece at the bottom.

9. Q. What’s tall, Italian, and covered with pepperoni? A. The leaning tower or Pizza.

10. Q. What movie do vampires love best? A. Batman.


Jokes that’ll make ur sides hurt XD

1. Q. Where can you find noodle soup cheering? At the soup-er bowl!

2. Q. What did the ranch sauce say to the fridge? A. “Shut the door, I’m dressing!”

3. Girl: Knock, knock! Boy: Who’s there? Girl: Doughnut. Boy: Doughnut who? Girl: Doughnut call me until dinner time!

4. Q. What do boxers like to drink? A. Fruit punch!

5. Q. What did the mouse say to the camera? A. CHEESE!!!!!

6. Man: Knock, knock!  Woman: Who’s there?  Man: 4.  Woman: 4 who?  Man: 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!!!

7. Q. What kind of plates do they use in outer space? A. Flying saucers!

8. Q. What do skeleton waiters say? A. “Bone-appetite!”

9. Q. What’s the spookiest beach food? A sand-witch!

10. Q. What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop!

11. Boy: Knock, Knock!    Mom: Who’s there?      Boy: Doughnut       Mom: Doughnut who?      Boy: Doughnut call me until dinner time!

12. Q. What do you call a monster that eats fast? A gobblin!

13. Q. What do you call a smart monster? A. Frank-Einstein!

14. Q. Why did the orange stay home from school? A. Because it wasn’t peeling well!

15. Q. Dad: Knock, knock!   Grl: Who’s there?   Dad: Midas    Grl: Midas who?       Dad: Midas well open the door!

P.S. Here is a website tht has MORE jokes. ENJOY LAUGHING!!!! 😆


19 Responses to Jokes :D

  1. roo678 says:

    i LIKE the first jokes lol 🙂

  2. may may says:

    Mmm tacos

  3. Sif says:

    wait….just wait….coz i’m laughing ryt now..,lolz

  4. ♥bliss says:

    Lol nice jokes and puns:D Laughter is the BEST medicine.

  5. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ says:

    Lol Europe Is Like a frying pan. x)

  6. OMG! I have been inside the frying man xP Thank god I did’nt touch greece!

  7. chumi773 says:

    LLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOOOLOL i cracked up badly!!!

  8. Nikki7895 says:

    I don’t care for these lame jokes

  9. the jokes that made my side hurt really did make my side hurt (:

  10. pinbug101 says:

    I got one! Ok, a baby came out with a shirt on and what did the doctor’s say? Holy shirt! xD

    Please dont copy unless u give the credit to me ty! ❤

  11. Amilia says:

    super funny
    Thanks XD

  12. 01sparkly says:

    Stop saying chill out!

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