‘Ello pplz! This is the page where u guyz giv in all ur conrtuctive criticism!!! 😀 Plz don’t put any RUDE comments or i will hav 2 spam :[ Here’s a voting poll where u can vote if my site helps u and so on….. U can also put suggestions on what i can do 2 improve my site. If it’s 2 much, then i can’t do it. Thnx guyz!!!! <333

~Smiley♥ chillz 😎

Plz comment ur constructive criticism/improvement tips below (u can also comment tht u like/luv this site 😉 lol)


10 Responses to Improvements

  1. may may says:

    need more ppl but i like it XD

  2. Your Blog is TOTALLY okay to me. If you like any of MY ideas, you can take them if you ask me! 🙂

  3. Uh smiley sorry i dont help nor post anymore. you know why tho.well now life kinda is getting good/bad. Haha well i might not comment anymore.anyway good luck smiley. I will cheer for you from de backgrounds ^_^

  4. You better become mrs.epic understand?

  5. Sparkle♥ says:

    you should post fun contests, like ask people what they want to win and do for a contest:)

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