Honorary members

Hey readers! This is the page where i will list a bunch of honarary members. Honorary members r ppl who help u, r trustworthy 2 u, r friends w/ u, and those who encourage u 🙂

~Smiley♥ chillax 😎

Honorary Members ❤




May may







26 Responses to Honorary members

  1. winter(x says:

    Thanks! My name on fantage is: wintersparklee xD
    Thanks u!

  2. may may says:

    AWWWW U FORGOT MEE 😦 shesh pll forget me all the time its so mean jezz

  3. Raysenette says:

    am i ther

  4. may may says:

    typo ! only

  5. Glitters2335 says:

    I’m not on there….. Waaaaaaaaaaa 😦 😦

  6. Sparkle♥ says:

    omg im on here! 🙂 thanks u i feel special

  7. ~*~♡♥✯♫Ƭαяαɛριcиɛƨƨ_ƨωιяℓʓ♫✯♡♥♪~*~ says:

    Can I be on there? xD.

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