Twitlogo Orders- No price!!!!!

‘Elloooo pplz!!!! Welcom 2 twitlogo where u get ur vry own TWITLOGO!!!!! U get a logo exactly like twitter’s except it’s urs!!!! Just comment wat ur logo wants to say and wat colour text u want!!! Btw, Musicrox helped me w/ dis sooo thnx!!!!!



11 Responses to Twitlogo Orders- No price!!!!!

  1. bestfreind09 says:

    i wish i had ideas like u -sighs- i really do not know how to make these clubs and even if i thought of one u would be having it – sighs-
    i will have to find from the net something or the other that no one has so that no one says that i copied them.

  2. chumi773 says:

    can you make one that says i like pie :3?
    and i want de color to be blue please thank you 😀

  3. nadine500 says:

    thats so cool
    can mine say
    i ♥ chocolate!
    and purple plz

    Smiley- sure, np!!!!

  4. musicrox5 says:

    u use

    Smiley- ur right but u can’t COPY me or use it ok??? good 😉 lol

  5. roo678 says:

    can u make 1 that says, nom nom nom hehehe i like food

  6. roo678 says:

    and purl

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