Money maker

‘Ello pplz! Welcome 2 de money maker :mrgreen: !!!!! Plz send me a pic tht u want 2 put on money by emailing me at: or giv me de link of de pic. Plz put a 1 person pic cuz if u do multipe person… then it won’t look good… Here r de xamples. Plz do not giv me a girl pic and put de pic in a guy’s face or vie versa, i hope u understand these circumstances.

P.S. THESE R JUST EXAMPLES!!!!! I put a grl pic in a guy’s face but it’s only and example. And for the american money, plz choose Dollars from $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $10,000,000













































18 Responses to Money maker

  1. raysenette says:


  2. may may says:

    ur rich muah ha ha

    Smiley- lol… do u wanna order? o.o

  3. chumi773 says:

    LOL taylor swift money O::

  4. musicrox5 says:

    um do 2

    1 of rihanna — U.S. money $10,000,000

    1 of Taylor Swift — U.S. money $10,000,000

  5. roo678 says:

    can u do that pic with the $1 bill plzzzzzzz

  6. sparklemisty says:

    wahahaha!!!! i want to see justin bieber on a 100 dallar bill rofl

  7. sparklemisty says:


  8. The suckish jb on a 100 dollar bill. 8)

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