Certificate Maker

Hey again! Welcome 2 the Certificate Maker!!!! 😀 Here, I will make you guyz ur VRY OWN CERTIFICATE!!!!! :mrgreen: Isn’t tht sooo kool????IKR 😀 U wanna hav ur own certificate??? Welllllllll u can only hav 1 soooo u can b a member!!! And btw, i dont want 2 certificates in 1 name cuz there won’t be alot of space left o.O Here r the types of certificates u can choose from: Art, Employee  of the month, Basketball, Citizenship, Puzzle completion, Dart, Math, Artist, Skating, Hard worker, Leadership, Music, Soccer, Spelling Bee, Swimming, and Perfect Attendance XD ENJOY!!! 😀 :mrgreen:

Presented to…….

(me) Smiley♥













































33 Responses to Certificate Maker

  1. chumi773 says:

    ill join xD and make it math please :3

  2. Effy says:

    I want to join! Make mine Soccer ;D

  3. Raysenette says:

    Okaii I want a basketball on and make it to gaby for being awesome!

  4. siffeh says:

    i wanna have my own cert. too but not sure on what category..
    hmm.. swimming maybe..:)

  5. bestfreind09 says:

    did u copy me ???? because i just yesterday thought of making it and i did not know that u made this page . I saved it as draft but as u have already posted it , I may not post it. 😥

  6. siffeh says:

    Thnx Smiley ^_^

  7. bestfreind09 says:

    yes i am a bit sad because i dont have ideas for my blog like u have . So as u did not have this club before that time i thought of making but u have it now. fantastic site;)

  8. friendsforevea says:

    im good at music rlly music i play the guitar and i sing <:D

  9. 6j108 says:

    i like it but what did u use to make those?

  10. bestfreind09 says:

    i want . u could put spell bee or friendship . 😉

  11. roo678 says:

    can mine b math 😀

  12. winter(x says:

    Um. BEING SO EPIC. lol jk. :/ There’s no category..

    Smiley- lol XDD Lalalala ♫

  13. nadine500 says:

    can i have the art one plzz?

    Smiley- M’hmm…. anything else??? no? kk 😉

  14. princejjt09 says:

    Can I Have Leadership ?

    Smiley- SURE!!!! dis iz a free country! ;D

  15. may may says:

    can i have may may for awesome skateing

  16. bestfreind09 says:

    actually mine u forgot the date and the spelling is wrong , it is bestfreind09

  17. bestfreind09 says:

    ok fine but u did date with others. that is like ignoring or insulting me

  18. Can I order a certificate??? I choose Art for my certificate theme

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