Background orders-FREE!!!!

‘Ello pplz! Want a nice border for ur pic? Send me ur pic by emailing me at: or giv me the link 2 the pic. Plz no bad pics, just nice 1s plz. Here’s what background 2 choose from. There’s a lot of choices so plz choose carefully!!!! If i don’t kno wat border u r tlking bout, then plz email me at and i will send u de link so tht u can choose. Plz do not copy thnx!


5 Responses to Background orders-FREE!!!!

  1. I want a rainbow border(any rainbow one :mrgreen: ) And can you use anyone of the recolors on my recolor page(my site). and thanks 😀

    smiley♥- kk!! np 😉

  2. chumi773 says:

    can chu please put the one with a golden frame and with purple flowers please :3?

    Smiley- on chat u said any rainbow background so i’m gonna do tht 😉

  3. Effy says:

    The backgrounds look so awesome & cute! ;P

  4. may may says:

    lol pretty

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