Hello ppl! Here is another page full of fun and….GAMES!!! 😀 So I hope you guyz are happy and enjoy this page full of non-boredom free! lol These sites r here incase u guyz r bored and hav nothin 2 do. Plz comment, rate, and suscribe, thnx!!! ♥ Here r the sites:











6 Responses to Games

  1. bestfreind09 says:

    i know some : [something like that]

    and could i do this in my site ?????
    best 8) chill out

  2. glitters2335 says:

    Wow I play all these games. Did I metion I’m level 16 on Moshi? I think that’s better than my fantage level cos my Moshi account used to be a member and fantage I’m only level 36. What level are you on Fantage??? Oh and club penguin I also used to be a member…. Hey! You can also add, and Da Red Button! (plays suspendful music), hmmmm it’s my bedtime now, so byeeee!

  3. i don’t like any of these games! D:
    Stardoll deleted all my stuff (i was one of the earliest people to join. Just sayin’). So did neopets.
    And moshimonsters is annoying bc your pet loses health so quickly D:
    And fantage is boring (too much member stuff)

    So yeah xP. That’s just an opinion tho 🙂

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