Funny vids

Here, I will b showing you some funny vids which i think will make u laugh until ur stomach hurts!!! 😀 😆

~Smiley♥ chill out 😎


19 Responses to Funny vids

  1. Effy says:

    Lol! These videos are hilarious 😛

  2. Nikki7895 says:


  3. stellao1 says:

    lamo lolz lol funny

  4. may may says:

    put fred up there put strawberry 17 up there please !

  5. chumi773 says:


  6. bethanyrox says:

    Lol! i watched them all! i laughed my head off

  7. numa numa nerd on american idol

    add it plzz and watch it!!!! lol

  8. oh btw i was wearing earphones!!! ahahah rofl oh my poor ears!! rofllll i loved the vids

  9. cuteariannaxox says:

    omg u kno what u should put on here um bonquiqqui i saw it along time ago but its funny plz u have to its funny and she is funny plz and plzzzzzzzz lol xD hahahah plz im serious

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