Funny Pics

Muahaha! You may now laugh until you are Rolling On the Floor Laughing 😆

DO NOT COPY!!! OR ELSE I WILL FIND YOU AND REPORT YOU!!!! Thank-you… just for safe keeping… I’m gonna put a watermark on each of these pics HA!

O.o double lighthouses!!! xD Lol Fantage didn’t even tell me -.-

Ikr? What’s with all these balloons o.e

Yupp… in Fantage camels DO talk… apparently x.x

He – I mean it – stole my money!!! well, it was only a quarter… but still!!! 😮

Clouds are really fluffy hehe ;3

Is there any hope for a 4 leaf clover these days? x3

I just KNEW this was a setup!!! A Hollywood, movie set I suppose =.=

I changed the eyes of course for my fairytale dress-up…. I look like a member don’t I?

Go see a doctor dude! You need to stop that twitch 😦

A puppet eh…. should’ve known -.- Oh well!

Not that I live in Ontario or anything e.e Saw it on a commercial on a site duh

Now since WHEN do gorillas wear lipstick?!

Corny wolf joke :$

gif creator at gickr.comYay! See? I have magic too…. yea…. *daydreams*

Glitch from the food fight like SJ o.e

Maybe they’re on vacation or something?

Or is that her son? o.O Hehe

Really… and then there’s a pink cyclops too! Weird…. e.e

Woo!!! I’m a disco ball! Freak out o.o

Big head O.o

Straw panda yay!

Lol :mrgreen:

Lame… -.-

Oh yea 😎

Doesn’t it look like it? 😀

I’m sowwie… 😥

Yay! Credits to Sesame Street and to Ernie 🙂

Lol x] Doesn’t it look like it though?

I swear  just KNEW he was thinking of pooping on me O.O

I think I fell asleep… (-.-)Zzz

I wonder how I got turned into a pet…. x3


♫Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebooooob…. Squarepants!♫ [ Flute plays ]

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!!!

It’s a beautiful earth – err I mean moon out tonight :S

=.= [Is pissed off]

Gross!!!! After all these years… after all these years… [Shakes Head]

I kicked the machine afterwards x3 But then I logged out, logged back in, and I was back to my regular self! :mrgreen:

I have a twin! 😮

Swimming, swimming….. I’m bored :/

Waterfalls are expensive ya know e.e but this house was cheap! ~_O

That was fun, I have to admit ;3



3 Responses to Funny Pics

  1. ☆ Ali ☆ says:

    I love this page ^-^

  2. Ceci says:

    Love it so much! xD this is the best because i read it on my birthday! [Tday] Keep up the funny jokes! 😀

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