Hey guyz! Soooo this is the new so-called page! Lol, so just post your feedback on how you think the blog can approve, or you can just compliment! Please do this every chance you get to or have, TY!

~Vi wuz here ♥



3 Responses to Feedback

  1. fruit99punch says:

    nice blog , visit mine too 🙂 and btw i guess you must put a little less posts on the home page because there are a LOT and its a bit difficult to find certain stuff

    Smiley/Ali~Thnx! Of course I will! I can’t help you there w/ the home page but I can help you with the other problem. You can always go to the search bar and search what you need. Hope this helps!

  2. cuteariannaxox says:

    i think it can approve by changing the backround to sumthing less girlish i mean something morehmm like pocadts or peace signs or anything really and then put hmm idk like pics on here and put like vids oo i got contest put contest ideas!!!! like bestbackround theme or best lyrics somthing like that make it exciting xDDDDDDDD thnx hope u agree cya on fantge ttyl

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