☆~Re-colour Summer Contest~☆

This contest is now closed

☆~Re-colour Summer Contest Info~☆

Here is the re-colour contest info 😀 Thanks to Sakky for agreeing to partner ^^ Anyways, if you have any comments, questions, and/or opinions whatsoever, PLEASE SPEAK UP (comment down below or email me at impartofelf@yahoo.com) If there is a problem, please tell us right away, ’cause that’s what we, staff, are here for 😉 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING VERY CAREFULLY. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION! (Please read until the very end! Note: No skipping! ^^)

Contest Rules

1. Please do not copy from other people. This contest is about being creative, original, and imaginative 🙂 If you don’t obey this, I’ll have to disqualify you from the contest.

2. Maximum of entries per person is 5, no more than that please!

2. Each person entering this contest will send an email to me by THIS format (it would be appreciated!)

– Subject should be: Contestant (or you can put Participant, doesn’t really matter) of Ali’s Re-colour contest (REALLY IMPORTANT!)

– Attach your re-colour (or please supply a link ^^)

THIS is how your email should look like:


^(Click to enlarge)

If you DON’T have an email, then just comment below or make one!

3. IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ!!! The contest deadline will be on: August 8, 2013 (08/8/013), on a Thursday at 12 pm EST which is when I will not be receiving anymore entries.

4. On that day^ (the contest deadline), I will have a page ready for you guys to vote on which entry you like the best (or would want to win) The deadline for voting will be in 5 days, so you will have PLENTY of time. The deadline for voting will be on: August 19, 2013 (8/26/013), on a Monday at 12 pm EST I will then take down the page and announce the results on: Wednesday, the 28th.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun re-colouring 😀 Have a good spirit and attitude, even if you didn’t win 😀

6. For Prizes, please click here:
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com



P.S. Remember to email me at impartofelf@yahoo.com and send me your entries!


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