Comment Rules

Dear Readers,

Plzzzzzzzz comment ^-^ Here r de comment rules for u 2 understand.



1. Plz say NICE things ^-^

2. Plz don’t b rude Dx

3. Do not be rude or insult others.

4. Never. Say. Bad. Words. EVER!!!!!! (p.s. if i giv u permission, u can say lmao but not lmfao XP)


And thts all!!! Plz respect them ^-^


12 Responses to Comment Rules

  1. Ashley says:

    Roxann + Ashley = Best friends for Life

  2. smileyface46 says:

    o.o tht iz TOTALLY NOT COOL 😦 me feel srry for u <.<

  3. kateangel717 says:

    hey smiley i commented just like u said

  4. Bella says:

    Ello Mate! How’re you? Nice blog you have here, we just met via xat lololololol

  5. ♥ MoOnY! :D♥ says:

    Hey smiley its mooneh well i just wanted to say AWESOME BLOG!

  6. KateAngel717 says:

    smiley do you remember me? kateangel

  7. KateAngel717 says:

    and plz tell saky that i miss her alot and tell saky to tell sumi that i miss her
    and also tell saky when she talks with darky tell him that i really miss him as
    my best friend.

  8. smiley says:

    haii!!! OF COURSE i remember u kate ^-^ ur one of my BFFS 😀 c yu ltr (:
    P.S. I can’t stay on!!! BYEEE

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