Happy birthday 2 uuuuuuu!!!!! Happy birthday 2 uuuuuuu!!!!! Happy birthday 2 uuuuuu!!!!! Happy birthday 2 uuuuuuu!!!! R u 1, r u 2, r u 3, r u……. Welcome 2 the birthday page!!!!! WOOT!!!!! 😀 Here u can tell me ur birthday in comments (of course) and i’ll post it up! U ALSO get a free cake w/ ur name on it!!!! YAAYZ!!!! lol 😉

Birthday dates:

(me) Smiley- January 18th

Maple- May 5th

Winter- January 12th

Sparklemisty- August 4th

Roo- October 25th

Sakky- December 22nd

Birthdays cakes:


41 Responses to Birthdays

  1. musicrox5 says:

    cool that cake doesnt look tat good…
    can u change de design?

  2. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ says:

    5-5-98 x)

  3. winter(x says:


  4. sparklemisty says:

    August 4.

  5. roo678 says:


  6. Nikki7895 says:

    December 14…. no one said happy b-day to me 😦

  7. winter(x says:

    *Sniffles* you love me? :]
    LOL jk. Thank youuuu.

  8. chumi773 says:

    june 19th is meh bday O:

  9. Jan 3rd! :)(:

    Smiley- AWESOME!!!! -high fives queen- 😀

  10. may may says:

    jan 15 under may may

  11. Raysenette says:

    mine is nov 13

  12. Julia :) says:

    June 1st.
    I’m doing this for the cake!

  13. Popstar6774 says:

    my b-day was at March 3 and nobody said happy b-day 2 me 😥

  14. Glitters2335 says:

    Febuary 13th, 2001!

  15. September 25th.
    Oh yeahhh My B-day is in the same day as Will Smith, The dude who plays Luke Skywalker from Star wars and Catherine Zeta-Jones’.xD I’m a show of…

  16. kateangel717 says:

    hey mine is Dec 4 and name is Julia

  17. ♥♥♥nadine♥♥♥ says:

    my b’days on the 20th of may 1999

  18. ♥♥♥nadine♥♥♥ says:

    hey i commented but it didnt show 😦
    my b’days on the 20th of may 1999!

  19. and did you make thoose cake yourself or from the internet ?

    Got them from the internet of course!

  20. Extraordinary says:

    Mines July 16 Are you, by any chance, still doing this? (I mean, the most recent cake done by you was Sakky)

  21. cuteariannaxox says:

    i luv the cake my birthday passes but can u do a happy late birthday lol it was july 6th and can u do backtoschool cake!

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