Advertise your blog here!

Welcome to the page where you can advertise your blog and let everyone see it! Feel freely to say anything about your blog here. Have a wonderful day everyone! 😀

No longer doing a blog roll everyone since it’s too big sorry!



















89 Responses to Advertise your blog here!

  1. timikia says:

  2. jellybeensis says:


  3. kayleyjonas says:

  4. musicrox5 says:


    thx to anyone who visits 😉

  5. MEEEEEEEEEEEEH lol <— Visit for Awsumness

  6. bestfreind09 says:

    my blog is and i never thought that the d went in the word “advertise “

  7. Nikki7895 says:

    Please come to mine everyone

  8. Hiiiiiiiiiii 😀 you commented on my bloggy so i comment on urs.
    ehhh ur site ish awesome

  9. hey smiley put my blog up plzzzzzz

  10. winter(x says:

    Could you change my name to Winter please & thank you so muccchhhhooo. (:
    Stay fluffy! xD

  11. winter(x says:

    Yes lol. xP SparkleCyrus was so bleh. o.O

  12. bestfreind09 says:

    i think i asked to put my site advertised there up

  13. polly111 says:

    If you want i’ll advertise your blog on mine

  14. Julia :) says:

    I would like to be advertised to please…
    You know you want to click it!!!!

  15. Nikki7895 says:

    Smiley u are obsessed with people commenting on ur blog… I DONT BLAME U!!! BTW its a comment… lol its a comment and im commenting on ur blog…. GET IT???

  16. glitters2335 says:

    U know mines but oh well!

  17. Gabriclover says:

  18. iluvcookies says:

    Please go visit mine. its its new so its really bad so yeah……

  19. Sweetie016 says:

    more coming blog!

  20. Sparkle♥ says:
    Sry i havent been visiting much D:

  21. Vinus says: for complete randomness 😀 (Ignore the ads they’re just there and theres nothing I can do about it) Thanks



  22. Zamantha says:

    please check it ou it means the world to me. become a member and follower. please

  23. anna14761476 says:

    please visit:

    that is 20 of those!!!

    1 Link please!! ~Sakura93

  24. ♥cstarswirl♫ says:
  25. Please add it to the blogroll thingy!!!! I would like 1,000 hits by January 15th!!!!!!

  26. mashafantage says: =0 visit mai site………………. WE HAVE COOKIES!!!

  27. eli123qwe says:
    u’ll luv it, espicially if u play fantage

  28. eli123qwe says:
    itz not perfect, but it IS a blog, afterall… 😉

  29. Crownie says:
    We are a new fantage blogging team! Come check us out. (:
    &My personal blog:
    13+ recommended for my personal blog.

    ^ Add me up there please ^
    ^ Free Fantage Premium Membership and Free Ecoins and more! ^

  31. fruit99punch says:
    i advertised ur blog on mine…

  32. mickayla932 says:

  33. ~♫✰Fantage_♥An An_☮rockz!~♫✰ says:

    (Not popular blog! 😦 ) :

  34. Hey SmileyFace46,

    You have a FANTASTIC blog!!!! Please visit my blog its I hope you can put it up there. Btw how do get so many hits? I only got 6 hits yesturday:( 😦 😦 Please reply.


  35. ★xx♏iyuкixx☆ says: 😉
    I like your blog 😀

  36. stacey says:

    visit now!!

    need more pplz!!! has a comp on rite now!

  37. stacey says:

    btw send to to tell me if u wana advertise ur blog ima make a page but i need ppl to tell meh. I dont wana just put sites up.. just mean if i do dat.. 🙂

  38. lauren0411 says:

    my website is AWESOME!

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