Hello ppl! This is the page where my WONDERFUL authors, will tell you guyz about themselves. 😎



They call me Musicrox. I’m a girl and a huge pop, rihanna and taylor swift fan  — MUSIC ALL THE WAY!!!! I’m really good at art and I can cover all styles 😉 Writing and Reading are awesome things too. That’s why I started making a blog– O.o yeah I have blog too– it’s — Plz comment,suscribe,chat and ENJOY!

I’m a strange, unsual kind of person. I think differently than everyone else and I’m a little mystical and mysterious. Usually I come up with things at the most random times. You could describe me as weird XD

Winter :]

Halo. :] My name is Winter. I’m random..VERY random. OhMyRandomCat. :] Hmm. I’m a girl..I like to draw. (I think I suck at it & everyone says it’s good.. o.O) I love music. Music is hippotastic. You gotta party like it’s not your birthday…Oh. Sorry. Yeah, where was I? Oh yeah. I have a blog. :] Comment & further visits appreciated. :] Anyways. G’daii Mate. :]

Smiley53Miley :D

Arr! Hi I’m Miley. I’m TOTALLY VERY random strange, creepy, hyper person. I have my own language. Doodikunushlings! I love animals. My favourite are kittens and horses. I like cheese,cupcakes, pancakes and PIZZA. Srry I say too random. My favourite song is Who Says by Selena Gomez. I have a blog at Plzz comment on my blog! I love pirates. My favourite pirate is Jack Sparrow from the movie Pirates of the Carribean. Subscribe me on Youtube: Smiley53miley. PEACE!!!!!!!


13 Responses to Authors

  1. roo678 says:

    do u have any????

  2. bestfreind09 says:

    So can I write about myself

  3. May i become an author please? And y3sh, i do gots meh a fantage.

  4. winter(x says:

    Can I type something here?
    I’m a worker :]

  5. glitters2335 says:

    Can we meet in fantage on Saturday 6:00 pm in Grey Owl? I want to add you;)

  6. ❉♥cstarswirl♫☮ says:

    Could I be one?
    thats mine!

  7. Sparkle♥ says:

    hello? if anyone is here i would like to become an author-i will try my hardest to post as much as possible but like this one, my blog is dying and so are a lot of other peoples blogs…

  8. ❉♥cstarswirl♫☮ says:

    i don’t think anyone’s listening….

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