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Hey... I am teengirl4ever . I post fashion , diy videos and such. I am as u can understand from my username.. a teen girl who has a passion for travelling , fashion , diy and many more. :) I was formerly known as bestfreind09(level=171 non member) in fantage. If u need my help u can e mail me at and hope u enjoy :)

This is getting too far away

Hi everyone , I am bestfreind here . Look , i once said that smiley copied something ( which was an idea of mine) and i told her about it and forgave her , She would not forgive me !!!!! … Continue reading

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Sorry smiley.

Smiley, i am sorry i hurt u in that post. It was because it was not clear and people only learn if they r told. I cant bear it any more like fantageland . i have to post in others … Continue reading

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For Smiley…

Now you understood right that no one ever comment in my posts . I have now proved it to u that no one comments. Bye

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New home and furniture

Fantage has again done a new home but the furniture is coming today the 3/16. So As nothing else to say I am saying BYE BYE

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Well I told about my cookies in my last post.The taste of my chocolate chip cookies was great but it could stuck to the pan so my family and i got crumbled cookies.I am not doing this for the sake … Continue reading

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St.Patrick’s Day news

OK ! You all maybe wondering why i changed my header and y i named this post as St.Patrick’s Day news. OK this Thursday is St.Patrick’s Day [maybe] and a party is coming in fantage this Thursday. Do you guys want to know what happened till … Continue reading

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Welcome back.

Guess what?? oh so lazy to guess.u have 10 seconds                   THE VACATIONS STARTED…. THE EXAMS FINISHED……. HURRAY……..NOW TO THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR…….. i am sorry guys i could not post before. … Continue reading

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