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Hallo!!!! Whats up??? Right now I’m BORED. AND LAZY. If you ever were lazy put ur hands up….. put ur hands up lol XD I made tat up Advertisements

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How much do u sleep a night? I think you are supposed to sleep at least 8 hours.  I think i usually sleep 6. I’m a night owl. How bout you? Early Robin? XD I made the robin part up. … Continue reading

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Curlz are so cool take a look at this: Cool huh?

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My Mom Made…

Did you know I’m indian? Well,now you do. So today my mom made some rlly delicious food. Its called pitta? You’re probably like what is that? Ok I’ll tell you. It’s this bread with sugar and cocunut. It’s delicious!!!! I … Continue reading

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If You Got In Trouble…

Musicrox here!!!!! Everybody getz in trouble some part of their life from parents,teachers etc. So have you got in trouble eva’? If you have wat kind of trouble? Wat was the punishment? If you haven’t ur lucky but 1 is … Continue reading

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Grumbling and Whining

Musicrox here!!!!! Hey guys… do u like when ppl whine and grumble right in front of you. Its like this… I cant do this because of this and this person is so annoying because he did this to me and … Continue reading

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Wats up

Hey guys! Wats up…. so im rlly bored right now… & someone whos name is not 2 be metioned kind of pulled a socket out of my stomach… Have u ever had that feeling.??? And somebody else is being rlly … Continue reading

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