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Hi there! My name is Alison, but you can call me Ali (: I am 14 and am a freshman ^^ I am a Christian, and am half Filipino, and half Chinese. I was born in Canada ^_^ And am a Canadian eh. I.. don’t particularly have a favourite colour… so I just like all the colours of the rainbow *o*
Anyways, this blog was created on January 31, 2011. Oh and btw, my birthday is January 18 c: (Don’t forget to check out the Birthday page!)

My (main) friends are Bliss, 6J_Rose, Musicrox, Sakky, Maple/Fluffy, Indigorain, Cupcake, Winter/Jazz, Miley, Sumi, Sparkle, Torhu, Ray, Kayle, Moonlight, Mitzuki, and Sif/Kyomi on xat [Remind me if I forgot you! I quit xat but I sometimes go on]. If you have any questions then I will be glad to answer them. Hope you enjoy my site! ♥

I also LOVE reading mystery books ❤ I think I have an obsession for it ^_^ (If you also like reading books, be sure to check out the Book club so that you can be a member as well!) I love reading manga and watching anime, too ^^

I like animals.. but I don’t really like going to zoos.. .____. My 2 favourite animals, however, are giraffes and dolphins ♥ And no, I don’t own any pets unfortunately ): I did own a hamster once, but if I had to choose which pet I’d want to take care of now, I’d say a collie or a husky ^^Sports are not really my thing .____. I like to go swimming at the beach and at my local swimming pool, but I very much dislike swimming lessons >_< But I LOVE biking 😀 … Even though I get tired after biking more than 5km… -_-

I like ALL kinds of music ^^ Especially kpop 😉 But one thing you should know, is that I very much dislike rap. (Nicki Minaj IS an exeption^^) I like to knit and enjoy going outside (: Especially if it’s warm and a nice breeze is blowing in :]

WARNING! I am VERY random and weird… so don’t be surprised… if… I do (or say) random and/or weird things around you o_O

Please comment below and you can ask me ANYTHING about me ^^ NO personal info will be given out WHATSOEVER. And no    immature or inappropriate questions, please.                      Thank-you!! ^_^

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50 Responses to About Me

  1. rayray says:

    nice bff

  2. sparklecyrus says:

    I ♥ ur site, Smileyy!! CREATIVEEEE! 😀 Keep up THE good. Scratch. Great. Scratch. FANTASTIC WEBSITE. !!!!!!

  3. musicrox5 says:

    cool about u it is 😉

  4. timikia says:

    yeprs love the site

  5. sparklemisty says:

    hey nice!! ♥ your blog

  6. smileyface46 says:

    thnx!!! 🙂 😀
    ~chillz 😎

    *Gasp* You don’t like going in Muddy Muddles? *Dies* xP

  8. smileyface46 says:

    Muddly puddles XD nope lol AGAIN!!! :O

  9. Nikki7895 says:


  10. smileyface46 says:

    THNX!!! 😀 urs 2 😉

  11. Nikki7895 says:

    Smiley Thanks so munch for being a great friend! You and Musicrox5 are my best friends i ever met!!! I never met a nicer person!! :mrgreen: 😆

  12. winter(x says:

    Lol. Yw. Btw, your blog?
    COOLIES. Did I mention that btw. xP

  13. iluvcookies says:

    yo yo yogurt ( as may may sez) lol ya smiley i didnt know- WAIT! I KNEW EVERYTHING THT U SAID! or did i? *carries a conversation by myself with me, myself and I…*

  14. sheila araujo says:

    awesome website its awesome well have fun and keep up the good work

  15. Maria/Liljade♥ says:

    OMG!!!!!! i love art too and pink is also my fave colors we have soo many things in common 😀 😀

  16. Pinbug101 says:

    Ur a very nice person, And I bet very beautiful irl All the boys will fall4 u 🙂


  17. nish says:

    i luv ur posts and pages and readin them r so fu. ur blog is so cool

  18. Nikki7895 says:

    You forgot meh 😦

  19. I play the piano too Im in level 2B lol

  20. I do not agree with almost everything in this particular posting, but you do make some really superior details. Im very interested within this matter and I myself do alot of investigation at the same time. Either way it was a nicely thoughtout and good study so I figured I would leave you a comment. Really feel free of charge to check out my web site sometime and let me know what you consider.

  21. ham says:

    Hey i like mystery books too!
    Nancy drew!

  22. ☆ Ali ☆ says:

    O.O My spelling (Ish shamed) I might edit this 😀

  23. hi im melissa if u remeber me, i used 2 have the user name pinbug101.. am tryin 2 catch up w/ old friends so yh

  24. 6J Rose says:

    I miss you too!
    How have you been?

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