Fantage Hits 30,000,000 Users Registered!


thankyouboard6j108 30000000 fantage

This is BIG news for Fantage.

First of all, snow finally fell across Fantage.

and then…

They now have over 30 million registered users, and counting!

Everyone who logs in during their 30,000,000 USERS! event, will receive a free virtual brick set “Thank You Board”. (see above)

As an added bonus, Fantage is giving out free Fantage Fashion Show Brick Sets via raffle, to anyone online (up to 40 winners, 5 winners picked randomly each day)  from 12/18/2014 – 12/25/2014 (or 12/26 according to their Facebook page, whichever date to believe before they could correct it on either site)!

(I suppose the winners will receive a free code to redeem their prize via parents email. )

Throughout the years, since 2007, millions of users have registered into Fantage, and things sure have changed overtime, but it’s still here, now with over 30 million accounts registered!

Congrats, Fantage!


That is all.

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