Fantage These Days…

Sorry for those who were waiting for a post here.

I’m just going to talk about Fantage of right now.

First of all, users have heard of the new currency, which is like eCoins, but you can’t earn them by watching ads. It’s called Gold.

There’s a mall where you can sell stuff to get Gold, but need Gold to reserve a kiosk for a day or more. So how are we gonna get Gold, then? By buying them with your real money, of course!

It seems like the video and banner ads are not enough for them to make money, or they just want more money than ever.

You need Gold to play Cody’s Crazy Combos, where you can get an exclusive item at random. There are Combination Items, collect 5, and you get some kind of special effect for your character.

Then there are “Besties”. Which is actually like a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend (depending on your gender) who follows you everywhere. (I didn’t like the idea) And of course, you need Gold to get a Bestie, or buy with Stars, if you’re a Premium Member.

Speaking of Premium Members, the Vintage Gold store has been replaced with a boutique, reserved for Premium Members!

“More Benefits for Premium Members!”
-Fantage Promo

As Non-Members,we almost never buy for membership.
We may watch commercials to earn eCoins, but that’s about it.
And since Fantage is pushing more on the Premium Membership, and Gold, it’s getting much harder for us Non-Members to enjoy the new things.

But, here’s the good news.
Daily Attendance! You can get free eCoins, Mall Permissions, Combo Coupons, and more, just by logging in once a day. And the prizes get better and better as you fill up your Stamp Card. If log in 12 days, when your Stamp Card has filled up, you get a special prize! (Which I haven’t got to yet. But I guess it’s a lot of stuff at once)
Be warned though, you don’t have to log in days in a row, but there is an expiration date. Once it expires, your Stamp Card will reset, and you will start over getting the small prizes.
At least, EVERYBODY can get free stuff.

I have been playing Fantage since 2008, cause I liked the fashion shows and stuff, and they’re still here today. I never bought anything, cause obviously I’m not allowed to, and it’s not really worth it, for me.
I wanted to see how much I could go without membership, or buying special currency, and so far, it’s not that bad.
I can make friends, for free.
I can chat, for free.
I can dress up, for free.
I can play games, for free.
I can buy clothes and some furniture, for free.
I can get some things Premium Members can get, for free.
And, of course, I can play Fantage, for free.

Unless Fantage decides to only let paying users to play the whole thing, I’m still playing.
I somehow couldn’t find a replacement for Fantage, anyway.
I could not find Virtual World Multiplayer game that looks good and does good for all ages all the time.
(Seriously, dating is NOT for all ages!!! Most games were not intended for dating, it’s meant for kids!!!)

dPals is the only game I could find that restricts flirting and dating, but it only works on Chrome, for now.
I will wait until it supports FireFox and (probably) Smartphone apps.

In the meantime, I have better things to do.

That is all.

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